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Welcome Home~

你好!안녕하세요! こんにちは!Welcome master~ Whether you're new or old, our message stays the same. At Yoi Yume O Café, we are one big happy family, and this website was designed to be our home. We believe it is important to build and keep our bonds strong as well as build new relationships while having plenty of fun in the process! Laughter is the best medicine after all.  Beware though, beyond these pages, it can get a bit crazy. Watch out for magical cupcakes and grammar monsters! 

The Menu~

May I recommend the tea~ Our website has so much to offer! We have plenty of activities you can  participate in. Take a moment to look over our "menu," or naviagation. Make sure to check the news too, the website is constantly evolving, just like a Pokemon! ^-^  

  • Our Portal will take you wherever you need to go, onsite and offsite. Think of it as the gateway to our Universe.
  •  Sweet Treats is Yume Cafe's very own blog. Members are allowed to post whatever they want. We think expressing yourself is very important at Yume Cafe.
  •  Our Forum's are where you will find a few games, a roleplay section, and areas where you can just chat about anything. Don't forget about our board in the Guild though. ^-^
  •  The Photo Booth is a special place for you to post photos of yourself, your life, art -- whatever you want!
  •  The Moonlight Times is our local magazine with a wide variety of articles. We have spotlights on anime, manga, music, an advice column where you can submit your own questions, and much more! 
  •  Our Dictionary is a list of words we've come up with or a list of words that are associated with us for various reasons. 
  •  Dream Points are the guild's point system. Members earn points for their teams (and themselves) while doing certain activities. At the end of the month members can use their points to buy special items from the prize vault. 
  • Also, make sure to check out our Year Book! Everyone in the guild is encouraged to fill out the information so that we are all able to learn more about each other. ^-^


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